Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is senior living at Sunnyside Manor?

Senior living at Sunnyside Manor is a full suite of luxury lifestyle options for seniors. We believe that changes in a resident’s physical and mental condition shouldn’t mean finding a new place to live. We offer a high-quality continuum of care, comprised of Independence ‘Plus’ Assisted Living, Recollections Memory Care and Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, all with a personal touch.

  • Our Independence ‘Plus’ Assisted Living neighborhood provides complete independence plus just the right amount of support services to stay safe, be healthy, and thrive. Support services are customized to each resident, and may include assistance with tasks such as medication management, grooming, and bathing.
  • Our Recollections Memory Care neighborhood is a safe and supportive residence specially designed for seniors with Alzheimer’s and other memory related impairments.
  • Our Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation neighborhood provides more intensive, round-the-clock medical supervision, either for long term management of illness, or during recuperation from illness, injury, or surgery. During rehabilitation, our Medicare certified gym has everything you need to build strength, stability, and coordination, plus a personal training program that goes home with you, so that you can stay strong and healthy.

With a full continuum of care all under one roof and personalized service, you’ll never have to worry should your care needs change.

2. Do you offer rehabilitation services in your community?

YES. Sunnyside Manor offers on-site rehabilitation services for our residents which include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy.

3. How is the level of care determined?

Prior to acceptance to Sunnyside Manor, a professionally trained staff member performs a comprehensive assessment of the resident’s overall health to ensure that they receive the level of care that will best meet their needs, ensuring maximum independence. Levels of care are reviewed thirty days after acceptance and then regularly during a resident’s stay.

4. Can guests join me in the dining room?

YES. Families and friends are welcome to join with residents for complimentary meals in the dining room (pending any Covid restrictions).

5. Is there a nurse on site 24/7?

YES. Our residents have access to a nurse on site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Residents may either stop by the Wellness Center or utilize their personal pendant and/or emergency call bell system located in their apartment.

6. Do you have an array of activities for the residents?

YES, absolutely. There are a broad spectrum of activities, clubs, holiday observances, and special functions all as an integral part of Sunnyside Manor’s customized program. We feature a studio and hobby room where residents can share many pleasant hours with friends. Lively entertainment, engaging activities, as well as social and educational programs bring new dimensions to our residents’ lives. And, because we have our own shuttle, we also offer activities outside of our community such as shopping, dining, health clubs and religious services.

7. Can I have a pet at Sunnyside Manor?

YES. Sunnyside Manor is a pet-friendly community. We do have size limitations for the safety of our residents and guests.

8.  Can Sunnyside Manor accommodate alternative dietary needs?

YES. Our registered dietitian is available to sit down and discuss your personal dietary needs such as diabetic and cardiac diets, gluten and lactose free diets, food allergies, and any other dietary concerns you may have.

9. How is medication dispensed? Can I continue with my current pharmacy?

Sunnyside Manor offers you the option to administer your own medication or have them dispensed by trained medical staff. Should you choose to self-administer, you have the choice to continue with your current pharmacy or choose one that delivers directly to you. We have an arrangement with a local pharmacy that services many of our residents.

10. Does Assisted Living qualify as a tax deduction?

Many are surprised to learn that assisted living costs may be tax deductible. In order for these costs to be tax deductible, the resident must be considered “chronically ill”. This means that that the resident either:

  • cannot perform at least two activities of daily living, such as eating, toileting, transferring, bathing, dressing or incontinence; or,
  • requires supervision due to a cognitive impairment (such as Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia).

Further, if the resident is chronically ill and in the facility primarily for medical care, then the room and board may be considered part of the cost of the medical care and the cost may be deductible, just as it would be in a hospital. Lastly, adult children may get a tax deduction if their parents or other immediate family members live at an assisted living community and qualify as their dependents. You should consult a tax professional to understand how this benefits your tax situation.

11. Can I bring my own car? Do you provide transportation?

YES to both. Sunnyside Manor has its own wheelchair accessible vehicle, which operates for the exclusive use of our residents. We make scheduled trips to shopping centers and nearby attractions.

Sunnyside Manor also provides transportation to a doctor’s appointment within 10 miles of the community at no cost to our residents. We also have doctors on site regularly, including audiologist, podiatrist, and other specialists.

12. Do I bring my own furniture?

Yes. We provide carpet, window treatments, a refrigerator/freezer and microwave in the kitchenette. Your apartment will be ready for you to furnish and decorate, making it your own home.

13. What should my first step be in looking for a senior living community?

Choosing a senior community is easier than you may think. Check our “Getting Started” guide on our website and start early, before you need assistance. Learn about the lifestyle, the amenities and services, and the care. Be prepared to ask questions about life at the community, financial requirements, and the community’s management.

14. Is there any oversight of senior living communities by outside organizations?

Yes. Our Skilled Nursing community is licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Department of Health, which is subject to approval by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). This means that we are surveyed annually and our survey results, along with other information, is reflected in our 5-star rating. In addition, the NJ Department of Health requires annual financial reporting to be made public. Our Independence ‘Plus’ Assisted Living and Recollections neighborhoods have achieved Advance Standing certification, which is a distinction granted by the Healthcare Association of New Jersey that is bestowed upon assisted living communities that successfully comply with all state, federal and local regulations that pertain to licensure in New Jersey.

Begin by reading our “Getting Started” guide or calling us at 888-696-2052 to schedule a tour. We will be happy to talk with you and set up an appointment for a tour. Tours are available seven days a week.

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