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The move to a senior living community is one of the most important decisions in a senior’s life. Whether you are making the decision for yourself or helping a loved one, the number of options available when choosing a senior living community can at times feel overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are clear steps you can take to learn about senior living and make the best choice for you and your family.

There are more options available today than ever, including standalone assisted living communities, and senior communities like Sunnyside Manor with a continuum of care. Ask friends and medical professionals about their experiences, and search online for communities in your area.

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Types of Communities

Typically, independent living communities are best suited to those who do not need any assistance, but want socialization and a maintenance-free home.

Assisted living is for those who may need some assistance with tasks such as bathing, grooming, and medication management, and benefit from meal preparation and a social environment.

Nursing care is for people whose health requires consistent monitoring and around the clock care.

Memory care serves seniors with advanced memory loss or Alzheimer’s Disease, who are at risk of leaving their home and becoming lost.

Calling the communities will help narrow the list. Take note of communities with responsive staff who respond to calls quickly and ask questions about you or your loved one and their needs. At this time, you can schedule a visit to tour the community.

A visit to a community is more than just an opportunity to see the building and apartments. Of course, a clean, well-kept community is a priority. During a visit, you can also get a feel for the community by watching the interactions of the staff and residents. Pay close attention to:

  • How you are greeted. Is the community welcoming?
  • How the staff speak to residents and to each other. Do employees appear rushed? Are they genuinely interested in helping residents? Do they call residents by name?
  • Residents appearance – are they well-groomed and content?
  • Are residents interacting with each other? Are there activities happening in the building?
  • Does the community feel homey? Homey means different things to different people; could you see yourself or your loved one fitting into the environment?

During a visit, you’ll likely meet with admissions / marketing staff, or the director of the community. Notice whether the people with whom you meet go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and answer your questions thoroughly. Do they seem genuinely interested in getting to know you / your loved one?



Once you’ve selected a community, the community will perform a thorough assessment of the prospective new resident to ensure that the community is a good fit and that all of the resident’s needs can be met.

If you are searching for a senior living community on behalf of a loved one, they should be involved in the process (unless this is not a possibility due to memory impairment). Many families will research and make initial visits to communities, then select one to three communities for their loved one to visit.


Supporting Your Loved One During The Move To Senior Living

The realization that a move may be necessary can be a difficult one for seniors and their families. Take time to talk through their fears and concerns. Event though they may recognize the benefits moving to a senior living community, many seniors worry about losing their independence and grieve the loss of a home.

However, many seniors feel more independent once they have settled into the right community for them because they no longer have to worry about keeping up with a home or relying on family for assistance.

Ready to get started? Please contact us or call us at 888-696-2052. We’re happy to help answer your questions about our community and about senior living in the Wall Township area.

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