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    For more information on Pricing / Availability please call: 888-696-2052

    As our governor begins to lift restrictions, Sunnyside Manor also moves into the next phase and will once again be accepting  new residents.  Our admission process has changed.  For more information contact Eileen at 888-696-2052.

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    You’re Invited! Mix & Mingle at Our “Open Door” Tour

    Chat with Sunnyside Manor resident hosts about their apartments, the food, their day-to-day lives, and more.

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    image of residents at sunnyside manor

    Leap Year Fun Facts and Trivia

    It’s an extra day to enjoy life and learn something new! Leap Day only happens once every four years, so…
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    image of Sunnyside Manor residents chatting outdoors

    What makes a senior living community feel like home?

    Many families “just know” when they’ve found the senior living community that feels like home. But, how do they know?…
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