97-yr-old Sunnyside Manor Resident Chats About Her Love of Tattoos

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Over the years the social stigma surrounding tattoos has seemed to fade away, as more and more people around the world are getting tattoos at every stage of life. In fact, since 2012 there’s been a 21% increase in people having at least one tattoo.

Sunnyside Manor resident, Violet Leone is no stranger to the tattoo culture. She was 85 years young when she got her first tattoo. Now at 97, she has seven in total. She explains, “My tattoos are colorful and represent my family and me. I have 7 tattoos and my first one is my favorite. It’s on my arm, all colorful flowers.”

At Sunnyside, Violet is known for her great sense of humor, her willingness to participate in events and for being extremely social with her peers and staff. MaryEllen Keane, Vice President of Sunnyside Manor says, “Violet is just as colorful as her tattoos. She always optimistic and upbeat and ready for fun.” John F. Keane, Jr. Vice President of Sunnyside Manor adds, “It’s not every day that we see our residents sporting multiple tattoos. They showcase her personality while adding a certain flair to our neighborhood, and we love her for it.”

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