Questions to Ask When Visiting a Senior Living Community

Learn about the most important questions to ask when visiting a senior living community.

When you’re looking for senior care for a loved one, you may wonder: what is life really like for residents in a senior living community? How will my loved one be cared for?

Asking questions – about the big picture and the smaller details – is part of the process of choosing a community. Knowing which questions to ask when you visit will help you find the right fit for your loved one and your family. Read on for helpful questions to ask when you visit a senior living community.

Before You Visit

Make the most of your time by being prepared for your visit. Call or email to set an appointment and allot one to two hours for a tour.

During your appointment, you’ll have a conversation about your loved one’s needs and wants in a community. Then, you’ll tour the community. On a tour, you will see common areas, like the entertainment and activity spaces and dining rooms, as well as available senior living apartments. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and get a feel for whether a community is a good match. So, have your questions ready!

Questions to Ask When Visiting a Senior Living Community

Following are questions to ask when visiting a senior living community. These questions will help you learn more about care, safety, resident life, and how families connect with the community.

Care and Safety

  1. Are staff available 24/7?
  2. What do you do to keep residents safe?
  3. What kind of training does the staff have?
  4. What happens if my loved one starts needing more care?

Resident Life

  1. What types of activities and programs are scheduled each day?
  2. How do you get people to participate in programs? What if my loved one doesn’t want to participate?
  3. Are there any resident run programs or clubs?
  4. How are new residents welcomed?
  5. What does a resident or family member do if they have a complaint?
  6. What is a typical day like for a resident here?

Senior Living Apartments and Amenities

  1. What types of apartments are available?
  2. Can residents bring their own furniture and decorations?
  3. What kinds of meals and dining options are available? Can I see a sample menu?
  4. Is there transportation available?
  5. Are there conveniences, like a hair salon, shop for sundries, etc.?
  6. Is there Wi-Fi? Are there computers for resident use?

Family and Friends

  1. What role do families have in the community?
  2. What is the visitation policy? Can families and friends visit for meals?

Fees and Services

  1. What is included in the monthly fee?
  2. Is there a deposit?
  3. How often do fees change?

Ready to visit and find answers to your questions? Contact us for a personal tour, or to attend one of our upcoming open house events.

Learn More About Why Families Rely On Sunnyside Manor

When you have questions about senior living, we are here to help. Sunnyside Manor offers assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing and rehabilitation. Learn more about Sunnyside Manor’s resources for caregivers. Whether you’re looking for short-term support or a longer-term plan, begin with our “Getting Started” guide. Please call us at 888-696-2052 to speak with a senior living expert.

Sunnyside Manor, located in Wall NJ, is the area’s premier senior living community. The community features three distinctive neighborhoods: Independence ‘Plus’ Assisted Living, Recollections Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation.

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