Sunnyside’s Senior Living Health Tips: 10 MORE Great Holiday Gifts for Seniors

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for the seniors on your list? We’ve got you covered! Here are ten MORE great holiday gifts for seniors. These gifts are fun, personal, and fit any budget.

  1. Dinner or lunch at their favorite restaurant. 
    Treat the special senior in your life to a meal at their favorite restaurant. For seniors who are challenged by dining at a restaurant or no longer enjoy dining out, bring their favorites to them!
  2. Have a girls/guys day. 
    Gather a few family and friends and make it a special day. Whether it’s manicures and chocolates or kicking back to watch the game and enjoy a beer, bring generations together to enjoy camaraderie around their favorite activities.
  3. Plan a special holiday drive. 
    There is so much to see this time of year! Plan a time to drive out to see the best light displays and decorations in the neighborhood.
  4. Go green! 
    Brighten up their spaces with a gift that lasts all year long and promotes good health. Christmas cactuses are a great choice for bringing a pop of color during the cold months.
  5. Update their family photos. 
    Family photos always make wonderful gifts. The next time you’re visiting, notice whether your loved one has the most current pictures of the family, whether those are school photos or photos from events like weddings and graduations.
  6. Get soft and cozy. 
    Staying warm can be a challenge, especially for seniors. Go beyond the basic holiday sweaters or socks with a sumptuous, cozy fabric, like chenille. Spa socks feel especially luxurious and even fit under roomy shoes.
  7. Help deck the halls. 
    Make your loved one a part of holiday celebrations by sharing sentimental holiday decorations. Enlist the help of kids to make and deliver special ornaments or other decorations.
  8. Home-cooked treats. 
    The only thing better than holiday treats are homemade holiday treats! Share a tin of homemade cookies and candies with the special seniors in your life.
  9. Historic newspapers and magazines. 
    Historic newspapers and magazines are a wonderful way to bring back memories and start conversations. Pick publications from a special year for your loved ones, such as the year they were married or bought their first home. While there are services that will supply reprints from specific days, older issues of popular magazines (e.g. Time Magazine, Life Magazine, and National Geographic) can be found online and at flea markets inexpensively.
  10. The gift of time.
    It’s the best gift of all! Whatever gifts you bring to the seniors in your life this holiday season, the one gift that truly shows how much you care is the gift of your time. Take a break from the holiday rush this year and spend time with the special seniors in your life.

Looking for even more great gifts? Check out our 10 Great Gifts for Seniors.

All of us at Sunnyside Manor wish you a very happy holiday season and a healthy new year!


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