The Most Popular Father’s Day Gift (and Other Fun Facts)

On Father’s Day, we take time to honor the men in our lives who have shaped us. Whether you’re gathering around a grill, heading out to a ball game, or calling dad from afar, you’re participating in a tradition of celebrating fathers that is over 100 years old!

You’ll also be recognizing the special role of fathers with people around the world. Several other countries celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June, too. Here at home, Sunnyside Manor will be honoring the fathers in our lives with a special social.

Wherever it is that you’re celebrating, here are some fun facts to share about how we honor our dads.

Fun Facts About Father’s Day

History and Traditions in the U.S.

  • Father’s Day was first celebrated in the U.S. in 1909 in Spokane, WA. The holiday was started by Sonora Louise Smart Dodd in honor of her father, a widower who raised six children.
  • During the 1920s and 1930s there were movements to combine Father’s Day and Mother’s Day into one holiday: Parent’s Day. This ended during the depression. Struggling businesses recognized the potential for two separate gift-giving holidays.
  • Father’s Day officially became a national holiday in 1972, when it was signed into law by President Richard Nixon.
  • According to Hallmark, Father’s Day is the fourth most popular occasion to send greeting cards.
  • The most popular Father’s Day gifts are cards, special outings, and clothing (including neckties!).
  • There are 70.1 million dads in the United States.
  • The average age that men become fathers is currently 25.4 in the U.S. The average age of becoming a grandfather is 54.
  • George Washington was the Founding Father of the U.S., but did not have biological children of his own. He adopted the two children of his wife, Martha.
  • In the U.S., the rose is the official flower of Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Around the World

  • Father’s Day is celebrated at different times around the world. The United States, Canada, France, Mexico, and Britain, celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June.
  • In Australia and New Zealand, Father’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September.
  • Italy, Spain, and Portugal celebrate Father’s Day on March 19th, the day of the Feast of St. Joseph.
  • Germany celebrates Father’s Day on Ascension Day. German celebrations include hikes in the woods and gatherings.
  • In Brazil, Father’s Day celebrates St. Joachim, the patron saint of fathers and grandfathers, on August 2nd.
  • Thailand celebrates Father’s Day on the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Fathers and grandfathers are presented with Canna flowers.

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