Six Benefits of Live Music for Seniors

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Sunnyside Manor Sunnyside Stage The lights dim, the curtain goes up, and the music swells – what could be more exciting? Live music performances are certainly fun and uplifting, and there are well-known health benefits of listening to music. But, did you know that there are specific ways that live music can boost overall health, especially for seniors?

Health Benefits of Live Music for Seniors

Live music can be especially helpful with day-to-day challenges that many seniors face. Enjoying live music performances can elevate mood, decrease blood pressure, and create feelings of well-being, among many other physical and emotional benefits. Here are just some of the ways that live music benefits seniors:

  1. Stress Reduction and Heart Health – A study showed that people attending a live concert experienced decreased production of cortisol, a stress hormone. Decreased cortisol results in lowered feelings of stress, as well as lowered blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate.
  2. Pain Reduction – Live performances are especially powerful in reducing the perception of pain. This is due to the release of the neurochemicals endorphin and dopamine shown in people enjoying a live performance. These neurochemicals both reduce pain and stimulate overall feelings of positivity and happiness.
  3. Socialization – Music performances are a low-pressure way for seniors to socialize. Performances offer an opportunity to enjoy the company of others, and provide a natural conversation starter before and after the event.
  4. Inclusion – The sense of being a part of something bigger is strongly tied to feelings of happiness and purpose. Whether it’s a sing-along, or simply sharing the experience and joining in the applause, being a part of performance offers a sense of belonging to a group.
  5. Sensory Input and Stimulation – Live performances provide more sensory input and stimulation than just listening to recorded music. The sounds and sights contribute to the overall sensory experience, which has been shown to help seniors with memory, recall, and mood.
  6. Novelty – Even the most comforting daily routine benefits from a little novelty to keep life fresh and interesting. An exciting music performance is just the thing to shake up the routine – in a good way!

To make the most of the benefits of live music here at Sunnyside Manor, we’re launching the second season of “Sunnyside Stage.” This partnership with Algonquin Arts Theatre brings live, professional musical performances to our community (more below).

Upcoming Sunnyside Stage Events

Sunnyside Manor presents two free concerts with the performers from Algonquin Theatre Arts. Meet the artists and enjoy songs from the show. Refreshments will be served after the show in the Sunnyside Great Room.

Mamma Mia! — Tuesday, October 15, 5:15 pm
Annie — Tuesday, December 3, 5:15 pm

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