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Sunnyside’s Senior Living Health Tips: Walk This Way for Better Health

  Did you know that walking just 30 minutes per day has impressive health benefits, especially for seniors? Whether you’re walking indoors or outside, walking can help improve physical health, emotional health, and help to prevent injuries and illness. No wonder our walking club is so popular! Best of all, it doesn’t matter when you… Read More

Sunnyside’s Senior Living Health Tips: Summer Safety for Seniors

  Summer is in full swing! That means lots of outdoor fun, like cookouts, parties, and picnics with family and friends. When your summer fun includes the special seniors in your life, it’s important to be aware that seniors can respond differently to hot weather than younger adults. Normal changes during the aging process can… Read More

June Happenings at Sunnyside Manor

  Our annual family picnic is a highlight of our year, and certainly the highlight of the past month! We’re delighted to open our doors and our grounds to generations of our residents’ families. Everyone enjoyed great food, great weather, and time together under shady tents and on our big, sunny porch.      … Read More

The Most Popular Father’s Day Gift (and Other Fun Facts)

  This weekend, we take time to honor the men in our lives who have shaped us. Whether you’re gathering around a grill, heading out to a ball game, or calling dad from afar, you’re participating in a tradition of celebrating fathers that is over 100 years old! You’ll also be recognizing the special role… Read More

May Happenings at Sunnyside Manor

  From a health fair to horse racing, it was a marvelous May at Sunnyside Manor! Every month our calendar is full of events that promote overall wellbeing for our whole community. See what makes life at Sunnyside so much fun!     Sunnyside has an abundance of fun social and educational activities for residents… Read More

Eight Great Healthy Habits for Seniors

  It’s never too late to start good, healthy habits! From checkups to small changes in diet, good habits help keep you healthier longer. Eight Great Healthy Habits for Seniors Get Regular Physicals and Screenings Be sure to have regular checkups with your physician. Prevention goes a long way. Regular checks of cholesterol levels, blood… Read More

April Happenings at Sunnyside Manor

Residents, families, and the community gathered together this month for our Easter egg hunt. What a great day! Despite the clouds, the day was brightened by the happy sounds of kids and families throughout the building. See what makes our happenings so much fun!                      … Read More

Sunnyside’s Senior Living Health Tips: Understanding the Warning Signs of Dementia

  Some changes in memory are normal as we age. Misplacing keys or occasionally forgetting someone’s name may be inconvenient, but both are considered a normal part of aging. The signs of Alzheimer’s dementia, however, involve more than just occasional forgetfulness. The signs of Alzheimer’s also include patterns of confusion and difficulty completing regular, day-to-day… Read More